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ServiceNow Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2018
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ServiceNow came to our college for campus recruitment. The first round was  MCQ  test. Then after shortlisting there was another online test. There were two programs- infix evaluation and one more .

1st Round

There were two questions :

There is an xml file given to you and now how you will search in this . There were so many tags given to you in this file suppose of books tag, name tag, price tag and many more tags and now you have to search  for a particular book and also you have to take care of indentation too.

Another problem was on how will you detect a sine wave in a matrix of 0s and 1s in which rows will be only 3 but column can be any number. Now write a program that how you will detect the sine wave.

2nd Round (Technical)

Long discussion on oops concept(pure virtual function, abstract class, interface in java, singleton class implementation), coin change problem, radix sort implementation.

3rd Round (Technical) :
In o(n) complexity.

In o(n2) complexity.

he changed the problem for 2 number as well.

HR Round
Questions was about me .

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