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ServiceNow Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020
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ServiceNow visited our campus (BITS Pilani) during September for the position of Associate Software Engineer(ASE). There was one online coding round followed by three technical interviews.

Coding Round: The first round was held on 27th Sept and consisted of 15 MCQs on DBMS, Java, OS, Computer Network and 1 coding question. The MCQs were having easy-medium difficulty. And the coding question was Aggressive Cows, the language was different but it boils down to the same.  The platform used was Hackerrank.

After the online round, around 30 students were selected for interviews.

Technical Round -1: The interview began with questions like tell me about yourself & discussions on the projects. I did a research project & this caught their attention. The discussion went for ~10 min. After it, I was asked to code two data structures & Algorithm questions of easy-medium difficulty level.  This round was held on 2nd Oct.

  1. The First question was Key Pair and could be found at I told four approaches from O(N^2) complexity involving brute-force to O(N) involving unordered map and the interviewer seemed satisfied with the answer.
  2. The second question was to design a data structure which could perform add(), remove() & calculate_product() in O(1) time. The question seems easy but one has to take care of the edge cases involving zeros.

After this round, around 23 students were selected for the next round which has scheduled on the same day.

Technical Round -2: The interviewer directly began with the coding questions and was very friendly & energetic. This round consisted of two questions of medium difficulty level.  The interviewer asked me a warm-up question: Given two string, what’s the length of the common prefix substring.  After this, the interviewer began with the interview process.

  1. The first question was an extension of the warm-up question. Given two string, return the length of the longest common substring. It can be found at
  2. The second question was a bit tricky & difficult. Given n, print n-bit Gray Code sequence. For eg, if n = 2, the sequence would be 00 01 11 10.  I face some difficulties while thinking of the solution, I told everything that came to my mind. The interviewer guided me & finally, I was able to solve it.

After this round, around 17 students were selected for the next round which has scheduled on the same day.

Hiring Manager Round + Technical Round: The interviewer first introduced himself and asked for the same. The round started with a brief discussion on Projects. The interviewer asked me to tell you about the project in which I faced the most difficulty. After the discussion, I was to code a graph question. The question was given a binary tree, perform invert operation on every edge. The invert operation changes the parent to child & vice-versa. Very few details were provided about the question & the interviewer wanted to see how one proceeds & thinks of implementing it. Like I mentioned the tree will get converted to a directed graph having multiple entry nodes & now every node would be having only one child. As there were many ways to go ahead, I discussed my approaches & was given feedback for the same. 

After the interview, I was asked if I had any doubts.  I would advise preparing for some questions beforehand.

The results came on the same day, around I0 people got selected for the summer internship & I was one of them.

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