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ServiceNow Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer | On-Campus 2022

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

Round 1(Online Test on HackerRank): It consisted of 15 MCQs and one coding question. MCQs were based on DSA, DBMS, OS.

Coding question: Count distinct pairs with given sum:

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Round 2(Technical Round – 1): The interviewer was very friendly. The interview started with a brief, self-introduction, which was followed by, an in-depth discussion on my projects, Certifications/ Specializations. The interviewer then asked me to open an IDE and code the following:

  1. Nearest(Smallest absolute difference) Palindrome for the given number:
  2. Longest Palindromic Substring(With Constant Extra Space):
  3. Top view of a Binary Tree:

This was followed by some questions on XML, XSLT, XSD. The interview concluded with questions on Procedures, Cursors, Triggers in SQL, and a few basic OOPs concepts.

Round 3( Technical Round – 2): The interview started with My self-introduction, which was followed by an in-depth explanation of my Full stack project, with Data flow, Database Schema, Class diagrams, ER diagrams. The interviewer then shared a Collab link where I had to code the following:

  1. First and Last Index of an element in a sorted array:
  2. Sieve of Eratosthenes: Follow up: Improve time complexity from O(Nlog(log(N)) to O(N) :
  3. Wildcard pattern matching:

 Round 4( Hiring Manager Round): The interview started with questions on my resume. This was followed by a system design question:

LinkedIn System Design, with the following:

  • Functional and Non-functional requirements.
  • Bandwidth Estimation.
  • Detailed Component design.
  • Database Schema, Data flow, API calls, Load balancing.
  • Implementing features like Getting Suggested Connections, User Feed, etc(Code with appropriate classes, along with Database connectivity).
  • Performance: Caching.
  • Scalability, Security.

Followed by:

  • Exception handling, Multithreading.
  • Challenges faced during projects and how they were resolved.
  • What makes the projects different from existing ones and future scope.
  • Short-term and Long-term goals.

Verdict: Selected

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