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Service Now On Campus Placement

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Round-1 (Online Test Round)
There were 30 questions asked in 30 minutes duration in an online test environment created by Service Now. The questions were on basic Computer Science topics like Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, some basics of HTML. There was no negative marking.
Suggestions: Practicing CS topics from GeeksforGeeks Company Preparation corner would do. Here is the link for the same
Tips: Since, there was no negative marking try to solve as many questions as possible correctly, and also attempt the ones whose answers you may not know properly.
Around 30 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round-2 (Technical Interview Round-1)
1) They asked me a question on Machine Learning. The question was as follows: Given 3 feature vectors X, Y, and Z, what is the condition for their linear independence. The solution for the same can be found at linear independence of vectors
2) The next problem was a variant of activity selection problem where they made the activity as attending classes with given start times and end times. I discussed a greedy approach of O( N\log{N} ) complexity with him. For more details, refer Then they asked me to write the code on pen and paper which could accept dynamic inputs from the user. After that, they asked me to dry run the code which I did consider all possible corner and edge cases.
Suggestions: Practice pen and paper coding and try to debug your code on paper.
After this round around 20 students were shortlisted for next round.

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-2)
1) They asked me to write the code on pen and paper for rod cutting problem which can be found at I suggested two O( N^2 ) dynamic approaches, one using hashmap and the other using arrays, and an O( N*2^N ) approach considering all possible subsets of rod cutting which give rise to the specified cutting size and finding the maximum cost of each. He seemed pleased with my multiple approaches.
Suggestions: Practice coding questions on Greedy algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Arrays, Trees, Graphs, Linked Lists from GeeksforGeeks, InterviewBit, SPOJ.

Round-4 (HR Round)
The HR was very friendly and asked me to be comfortable when he observed that I was getting a bit nervous. He asked me questions like:
1) What were my strengths and weaknesses?
2) To describe a situation when I had failed in life and what I did about it later.
3) Why Service Now, whether I was interested in pursuing higher studies in the future.
4) How will I handle work pressure with family life?
5) Case-based analysis like what will I do given a particular scenario.
Suggestions: Don’t be nervous, be clear and confident. Take some time to think before answering and practice talking in front of people in mock interview sessions. For mock interviews, you may refer to GeeksforGeeks or InterviewBit.
In the end, he asked if I had any questions for him or any doubts regarding the CTC. I asked him what was his best moment so far in the company. Then we shook hands and he told me to wait till the results were announced.
4 students were selected including me after the final round. I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for the exhaustive set of questions and interview practice platform it provided. Good luck!!!

Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2018
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