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Service Now On Campus-FTE-August 2019

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Online test:

The were 10 MCQs on computer science concepts (data structures, Java, c++) and one coding question on DP which is

21 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Technical round 1:

The interviewer asked to introduce myself. He then asked me my favourite subject. I said data structures. He asked me which data structure I was comfortable with. I said linked list and trees. Then he asked if I was interested in any other subjects. I said I have average knowledge on OS and DBMS.

He started with a question on trees

I told him level order traversal approach and he said to code it. I did.

He asked if I was good at solving puzzles. I said I wasn’t that good. He told me to try . I said.

He asked me explain a project on automation which I mentioned in my resume.

He gave another question on trees and said to write the code.(I did it)

He gave another puzzle I couldn’t solve it. I said I had no idea. He said that’s fine and said me to leave.

The interviewer was so polite.

Technical round 2:

The interviewer said we will directly go to problems. I said ok. He gave a question on linked list and said to write the code. I took time(about 20 min) but did it finally.

Since there was less time he said I will give you another problem and I want you to solve it in 10min. I said I had been through this problem while preparation. He asked me if I knew the O(n) time and O(1) space complexity solution. I said yes. He told me to write the code quickly.

Then he asked me about encapsulation and abstraction. I told him the definitions. He said what I was saying is all bookish, tell me by taking an object in this room as an example. I told him by taking water bottle as an example. I was confused with the concepts so he explained me and said me to leave.

Technical + HR:

The HR asked random questions. First he gave an SQL query which was, Find the second largest salary from a given table. I said an approach using LIMIT. He said it was an interesting way to do it, but can I do it without using LIMIT. I told him the approach but couldn’t write the query.

He asked about projects on my resume. Told me to explain Interface for an 8th class student. I couldn’t explain it well. He asked me how huge data is stored in databases. I said Distributed DBMS. He asked me if I knew sharding. I said no. He then asked me how data was processed in apps like hotstar when it has high number of viewers like during the worldcup match. I said work load balancing algorithms will be used. I wrote CSS as my technical skill, so he asked me what is it. I said Cascading style sheets. He asked me why was it named cascading. I couldn’t answer so he explained. He asked me if I had any questions for him and told me to leave.


10 students were left after all the rounds and 4 students were selected. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them but it was a good interview experience.


Solve all must do coding questions from geeks for geeks.

Be through will your resume.

Confidence was all what the HR was looking for. So be confident while you answer the questions.


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Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2019
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