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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 05 May, 2020

(There were 7 rounds in total and whole of our college was excited for this Company)

Round 1 : ( Common to everyone)

Questions included Data Structures, Data Mining, ?basic Aptitude, C, C++, Java, Networking, OS (Scheduling Algorithms) etc
– Objective Questions 25 in total
– Pass criteria 20/25

Round 2 : (Common to everyone)
Pen and Paper based ( Now its become hacker rank based)
– Java program to print a specific numeric pyramid pattern and in an optimal way

Round 3: ( F2F Interview – Technical Round )
Pen paper based. The interviewer was cool and helpful
1) Given a matrix of 10*30 [10 rows 30 columns] and all the cells filled up with 0, 1, write a program to find if there are 1’s in the shape of a “sine wave” starting from bottom left corner
2) Few questions based on DBMS
3) Java Concept question based on Uncaught Exception and Exception

Round 4: ( F2F Interview – Technical and Resume Based  )
Pen paper based. The interviewer was little specific on what he asks
1) Java question on Difference between a Callable and Future/ run() and call()
2) Few questions based on what Data Mining ( I have ML projects in resume), regarding Sentiment Analysis, Page Rank Algorithm
3) Big Data Concepts of how HDFS works and advantages over file systems, Basic questions over Pig, Hive. ( Also i have a Big Data project in resume)

Round 5: ( F2F Interview – Technical Round)
Pen paper based. The interviewer was little specific on what he asks
1) Design “Minesweeper” Game. Logic behind its evaluation. asked to write a java program over it
2) Basic questions on how suduko evaluation is done efficiently ( didnt ask to write a program but explained on paper)
6 ppl reached till this round.

Round 6: ( F2F Interview –  Managerial Round)
Pen paper based. The interviewer was little specific on what he asks
1) Asked to design a Library Management system, how Data bases must be maintained – relationships between them, what will be unique keys
What will be Various operations and how should re -issue, maintainability of books and fines on overdue books be managed
2) Asked about my interests about me and my strengths (Please dont give generic answers they are bored of hearing there )
4 ppl reached till this round

Round 7: ( F2F Interview – HR Round)
Pen paper based. The interviewer was cool like any other HR but very difficult to convince
1) Basic question about MS, where do u see yourself in a 5 years down the lane
2) Asked about how i cope up with irritating situations
3)Gave me hypothetical situations where there will be issues from colleagues and manager about work and how will i handle it
4) Asked about my childhood and how good am i as a team player
3 ppl reached till this round
2 ppl from our campus got selected finally!!
(Myself and another person)

Advice to Campus students : Programming skills and knowledge on the latest technologies, projects are more important than the GPA. Prepare your basics and study about the company and technologies that they are using

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