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Service Now Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020

In the month of august Service now visited our college to recruit for two roles

  1. Associate Software Engineer
  2. Associate Quality Engineer

The first round is consists of 15-MCQs based on DBMS, OS, JAVA, Computer Networking, and 1-Coding Question. The platform used by service is Hackerrank.

Around 400 students appeared for this round and around 50(solved the coding problem) students cleared this round.

The shortlisted students went for the Technical round-1

Technical Round 1: In this round questions of moderate level asked and asked us to handle the edge cases. The Lowest common ancestor and Trapping rainwater(similar) were asked and OOPs concepts were focused.

Around 30 students shortlisted for next round

Technical Round 2: In the second technical round, questions were mainly focused on the DP, Trees, and 1 system design question is asked. Some basics in SQL and computer networking(depends on interviewer).

Around 20 students shortlisted for the final technical round 

Technical Round 3: In this round questions were mostly from system design (Airbnb) and Algorithms and Tries(implement try to predict next word) and compare two strings and differentiate which is positive and which is negative. 

And finally, 10 students selected. I am not one of them.

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