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Service Now Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2021

Service now came to our college, (tier-2/NIT) for Data Analytics Profile- full-time role hiring.

Round 1(75 Mins VAries on College): 15-MCQs – DS, OS, OOPS, DBMS, SQL, like postorder from given inorder and preorder traversals, possible preorder traversal for BST, dependencies in DBMS, prefix postfix infix interconversions, and evaluations.

Coding Question –  (BFS, Graph): Given cities as numbers (1 to n), a 2D vector [[a,b],[c,d]…..] representing a bidirectional road connecting a and b, c and d, and so on. A source city number, starting from a source you have to print the cities you visited in order of their distance from the source ( take road weight to be 1) and for equal distance go in the ascending order on the number representing cities.

input [[6,1],[1,2],[3,2],[2,5],[3,4]]  source = 1
output [2,6,3,5,4]

Tip: Coding question is a must-do here, also try to gain some marks in MCQs, there might be sectional cutoffs.

Round 2 (Technical 30-40 mins): First she asked about how I am, how was the day to make me feel comfortable, then she asked me to introduce myself, then she moved on to my resume, she read each and every line and cross-questioned me in almost all hot topics I mentioned. Then she asked me to demonstrate briefly all my projects. She asked about the difference between C/C++/python, what is OOPs, then there were questions like strengths, weaknesses, qualities, why should we hire you, what you know about service now, and finally asked me if I had any questions.

Tip: Be real, be thorough with each and every word of your resume.

Round 3 (Technical 30-40 mins): This time again he started from how was the day how I am feeling, how was previous round (try to remember the name of the previous interviewer), then he asked me to introduce, he moved to project and asked me to show if I have it on my system since I attached my Github link there, so I explained it line by line with the help of my git repo, since my project involved Sudoku solving using backtracking, so he asked me to open and explain that part of code and logic line by line. After this, he moved on to SQL, asked about joins, a query related to left join under some extra conditions. Being from electronics how I came to the software field, Few behavioral questions like asked in the previous round (3 principles you follow in your life, hobbies, journey so far, are you satisfied, etc.). Few of my friends were asked easy array questions, real-world examples of graphs, transpose a table in SQL, etc.)

Tip: You must be proficient about your projects, having it on your system or cloud is a plus point, and be ready for unusual questions and also a backup story about your strengths and weakness.

Round 4 (HR 30-40 mins): This time there were two panelists since I was the last one, so they were pretty relaxed, it started with how was the day, previous interviews, my intro, since I belong to Mirzapur city so the talk moved on to series vs reality, thoughts of me on that, etc. Then he gave me a case study that I am IT manager of Covid vaccination authority Delhi, how will I use data for the proficient workflow of vaccination. Again he asked me how google suggests your location just from an image of the place. What company does? What is this profile about? What is the cloud? There were questions about stress-bearing, how much I have learned apart from curriculum, learning resources.

Tip: Communication skills do matter, you should have basic information about the company, the profile they are offering, how you are compatible with it.

17 students were shortlisted for interviews, 8 survived till the end, out of these 2 students were selected, I was not any of these two. Hope I will be selected next time when I write about my experience.

Bonus Tip: Sometimes you will feel like Thanos has snapped in front of you and you are waiting to see which half of the population you lie about because you can’t do anything else. Situations when relaxed people will get more than hardworking ones. Never worry about them, you must have satisfaction about what you have gained till now in the race, push this time more, give it one more try. You will achieve great heights someday. Success is a journey, not a destination. All we have to do is keep doing things, and accepting their ups and downs. All the best.

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