Server side and Client side Programming

Server-side Programming :

It is the program that runs on server dealing with the generation of content of web page.
1) Querying the database
2) Operations over databases
3) Access/Write a file on server.
4) Interact with other servers.
5) Structure web applications.
6) Process user input. For example if user input is a text in search box, run a search algorithm on data stored on server and send the results.

Examples :
The Programming languages for server-side programming are :
1) PHP
2) C++
3) Java and JSP
4) Python
5) Ruby on Rails

Refer PHP articles for example server side codes.

Client-side Programming :

It is the program that runs on the client machine (browser) and deals with the user interface/display and any other processing that can happen on client machine like reading/writing cookies.

1) Interact with temporary storage
2) Make interactive web pages
3) Interact with local storage
4) Sending request for data to server
5) Send request to server
6) work as an interface between server and user

The Programming languages for client-side programming are :
1) Javascript
2) VBScript
4) CSS

Refer JavaScript articles for example Client Side codes that run in browser.

Reference :

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