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Sentence that contains all the given phrases

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2018

Given a list of sentences and a list of phrases. The task is to find which sentence(s) contain all the words in a phrase and for every phrase print the sentences number that contains the given phrase.

Constraint: A word cannot be a part of more than 10 sentences.


1. Strings are an array of characters.
2. Sentences are an array of words.
1. an array of
2. sentences are strings
Phrase1 is present in sentences: 1,2
Phrase2 is present in sentences: None
Since each word in phrase 1 exists in both the sentences,
but all the words in second phrase do not exist in either.

1. Sets in python are a hash table representation of arrays.
2. Searching in Sets are a function of time complexity O(1).
3. Sets only contain unique elements, and have no order.
1. Sets are a
2. Searching in
Phrase1 is present in sentences: 1, 2
Phrase2 is present in sentences: 2

Approach: For each Phrase, we have to find the sentences which contain all the words of the phrase. So, for each word in the given phrase, we check if a sentence contains it. We do this for each sentence. This process of searching may become faster if the words in the sentence are stored in a set instead of a list.

Below is the implementation of above approach:

# Python program to find the sentence
# that contains all the given phrases 
def getRes(sent, ph):
    sentHash = dict()
    # Loop for adding hased sentences to sentHash
    for s in range(1, len(sent)+1):
        sentHash[s] = set(sent[s-1].split())
    # For Each Phrase
    for p in range(0, len(ph)):
        print("Phrase"+str(p + 1)+":")
        # Get the list of Words
        wordList = ph[p].split()
        res = []
        # Then Check in every Sentence
        for s in range(1, len(sentHash)+1):
            wCount = len(wordList)
            # Every word in the Phrase
            for w in wordList:
                if w in sentHash[s]:
                    wCount -= 1
            # If every word in phrase matches
            if wCount == 0:
            # add Sentence Index to result Array
        if(len(res) == 0):
            print('% s' % ' '.join(map(str, res)))
# Driver Function
def main():
    sent = ["Strings are an array of characters",
    "Sentences are an array of words"]
    ph = ["an array of", "sentences are strings"]
    getRes(sent, ph)
1 2

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