Sensitive Data Exposure Vulnerability

Sensitive Data Exposure Vulnerability exists in a web application when it is poorly designed. It allow attacker to apply various security practices and find the sensitive data that is related to particular website. By Sensitive Data Exposure vulnerability, attackers may be able to find sensitive data such as session tokens, authentication credentials, databases etc. By such sensitive data an attacker will be able to exploit the web application and the security of website will be breached.

Is Web Application Vulnerable to Sensitive Data Exposure ?

As of now, we know the basic concept of Sensitive Data Exposure Vulnerability, but how to test our web application vulnerable to such type of vulnerability? In this article, we are going to discuss about the weak points that exist in a web application where vulnerability can be exploited by attackers.

  1. Clear Text Transmission: If there is clear transmission of data in background in a web application then there might be a risk of data exposure to the attacker. Example – clear transmission of text may includes the credentials of user.
  2. Cryptographic Algorithm: Old cryptographic algorithms that were used in old web apps might be a risk factor. There may be a chance that attackers could have bypass that algorithm and get access to sensitive data.
  3. Cryptographic Keys: Cryptographic keys always play a vital role in a web applications. If Cryptographic keys are not properly rotated or old & weak keys are used then in that case web application will be at risk of exposure of data.
  4. Encryption: Web application must enforce proper encryption techniques in order to prevent attacks and to safeguard the confidential information.

Attack Scenarios:
Following are some examples of the attack scenarios where an attacker may attack the web application in order to harm the data of the web application: