Sensen Networks Interview Experience | SDE Intern

I had applied through LinkedIn. I received a message that I had been selected for the interview rounds.

Round 1: They started with the introduction to know about my background. Then they asked me to explain abstract class and interface with the help of examples. Then they asked me about Concrete Class with the help of an example. This was followed by questions asking about my projects and was asked me to find the second largest element in the array using Java where I was asked to optimize the space and time complexity in the whiteboard. After this, the interviewer asked me the puzzle: “You have a birthday cake and what are the minimum cuts to divide it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?” Then the interviewer asked whether I could delete the linked list with no temporary pointer and asked me to write the code in the whiteboard. I solved all the problems and was asked to wait for the next round.

Round 2: The next round was scheduled the next day and this time technical head took my interview and started with the puzzle: “A man has two ropes of varying thickness (Those two ropes are not identical, they aren’t the same density nor the same length nor the same width). Each rope burns in 60 minutes. He actually wants to measure 45 mins. How can he measure 45 mins using only these two ropes? He can’t cut the one rope in half because the ropes are non-homogeneous and he can’t be sure how long it will burn. ” which left an impressive response after I solved the question. Then they started with DSA problems where I was asked to solve three codes one after the other in the board which were to check whether the string is palindrome or not followed by coin change problem where the interviewer instructed me to write the code for both greedy and dynamic approach and the last problem was to merge a linked list into another linked list at alternate position. I had solved all the questions and was selected for the internship at Hyderabad location.

There were no more rounds conducted for the candidates, Sensen Networks selected the candidates on the basis of these 2 rounds.

 Best of luck to all!

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