Selection Process Parameters for a Software Life Cycle Model

Selection Process parameters plays an important role in software development as it helps to choose the best suitable software life cycle model. Following are the parameters which should be used to select a SDLC.

1. Requirements characteristics :

  • Reliability of Requirements
  • How often the requirements can change
  • Types of requirements
  • Number of requirements
  • Can the requirements be defined at an early stage
  • Requirements indicate the complexity of the system

2. Development team :

  • Team size
  • Experience of developers on similar type of projects
  • Level of understanding of user requirements by the developers
  • Environment
  • Domain knowledge of developers
  • Experience on technologies to be used
  • Availability of training

3. User involvement in the project :

  • Expertise of user in project
  • Involvement of user in all phases of the project
  • Experience of user in similar project in the past

4. Project type and associated risk :

  • Stability of funds
  • Tightness of project schedule
  • Availability of resources
  • Type of project
  • Size of the project
  • Expected duration for the completion of project
  • Complexity of the project
  • Level and the type of associated risk

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