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Seeing The World Through an Engineer’s Vision

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  • Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2020
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We all have a vision as per our goal and interests. But if you ask an engineer about his vision you will realize that every vision has potential in itself to change the world. An engineer’s mind is a mixture of logical, analytical, and creative thinking. So every thought that comes into his mind has these three as their major dimensions. 

Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in this world”. 

–Elon Musk


College plays a major role in building the vision of young engineers. The engineer sees the problems around it and tries to solve it on the basis of his knowledge. It is truly said that the engineer builds and runs the country because the only person closest to the problems in the society is an engineer. Every engineer has the potential to revolutionize the respective industry.

The engineer’s vision is constructed on the basis of 3 pillars. 

  1. Problems Faced by society. 
  2. The gap between the solutions and their implementation of the problems. 
  3. Scalability & Flexibility of the solution.

1. Problems Faced by Society

There are many problems faced by society on the daily basis. If there are not they are likely to be created by time. Water problems, lack of technological education, facing online frauds, lack of medical facilities, Electricity problems, city management problems, etc. The engineer sees these problems very closely and comes with the solution to this problem. 

This shows the ‘Returning to the society’ nature of the engineer. 80% of the engineer’s education gets returned to society as he comes up with a solution. Thus, the engineer looks forward to solving the problems and making his nation a strong nation in aspects of lifestyle & wellbeing.

2. Gap Between the Solution and Their Implementation on The Problem

There is plenty of solutions made available by the government or private bodies. But the people find it really difficult to use that solution and eventually live with the same problem throughout life. 

An engineer finds the gap between the solution provided and its actual implementation. He tries to fill that gap with a mediator solution and makes it friendly for the people/ society. This shows the ability to “Use the sources and converting them to resources & reusing the present infrastructure to build a better solution”. Due to this ability engineer maintains the economic stability of the country.

3. Scalability and Flexibility of the Solution 

There are many circumstances when we have to use the same solution for a different problem or on a larger problem. An engineer thinks with this aspect in mind and thus designs a solution that can be scalable as well as flexible. This shows the “Thinking in broad aspects”. This helps the nation to solve many problems in less time. These were the pillars that help the engineer to get a broad vision.

The engineer’s vision is very simple. Helping Society, Making the country strong in the aspects of lifestyle/ wellbeing, provide a better solution to the problem, making simple solutions for the complex problems. Bringing technology to the country, researching that technology, helping the country to progress by implementing the technology in the right manner. 

“We will we be remembered only if we give to our younger generation a prosperous and safe nation, resulting out of economic prosperity coupled with civilizational heritage”. 

-APJ Abdul Kalam

Final Thought

Engineers are majorly responsible for how his country or nation stands after 10 years. I think engineers are the most fortunate people in the world as they can drive their creativity and imagination out in real life and change the world. An engineer’s vision can be seen in action after 10–15 years after the engineers see it himself. 

Every engineer in this world should have a vision and should follow it. Anyone can see the world through the engineer’s vision if he thinks about his country or society and visualizes the good changes in it. If every person sees the world through the engineer’s vision then it will create a drastic change in the upcoming future.

If one notices the problem and instead of avoiding it or running away from it if he tries to solve it then it will be a big contribution towards a prosperous nation. 

“All birds find shelter during rain but the eagle avoids it by flying above the cloud. Problems are common but the attitude makes the difference”

-APJ Abdul Kalam.

The visionary’s vision of the world they want to see after decades. Every one of us not only come with a vision but also help each other to achieve that vision. Visionaries are able to visualize the world because they can see the backdrops along with the uplifts. 

Vision gives meaning to a person’s life. The engineer’s vision gives a motivation to find the solution to the problems and not adjusting to the problems. You can live your vision only if you work towards it.

There are several fields where the engineer’s vision comes in the role. Not only in the engineering field but also in daily life. A person who finds the problem in society and solves it by keeping in the 3 pillars in mind contributes to the better upbringing of the youngers in the society and it motivates several as well. 

There are innumerable problems in society that do not have a solution. The ratio is 2 problems for each individual. That means if every person solves any 2 problems serves the country/world directly. In the end, there would be fewer problems and more solutions and thinkers in society. 

Follow the engineer’s vision to make the world a better place to live. With these visionary points, we request everyone to see the world from the engineer’s vision. One who finds the problem in society and works on solving it then he/she will be always remembered by society.

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