Security Environment in Computer Network

The system needs to be secured from various perspectives :

  • Hardware and software of the system needs to be secured from unauthorized access. Illegal use of processors, main memory and storage devices lead to loss or destruction of data Software need to be protected so that programs are not manipulated and the data can retain its confidentiality and integrity.
  • System needs to be secured from malicious programs like virus, worms.
  • Unauthorized persons or attackers can crack the system security by hacking.

Let us now examine the various angles that need special attention in terms of security –

  • Hardware Vs Software
  • Unauthorized use Vs Denial of Service.

1. Hardware Vs Software :

  • Computer System uses various hardware and software resource.
  • Security needs to be ensured for various hardware resources like processors, main memory and secondary storage device.
  • Illegal access to main memory or secondary storage can lead to loss or unwanted change of data.
  • Data contained in files, programs and various system components such as page table, stack, queues can be read, modified, leaked or destroyed.

2. Unauthorized use Vs Denial of Service (DoS) :
From user point of view, security problems may be classified into two types –

  • Unauthorized use of service : when any person who has no authority or right to use a resource is called unauthorized use.
  • It includes activities such as using another person’s computer to check mails, using another person’s account to gain access to the system, making copies of copyright software etc.
  • In Denial of service authorized user is unable to use its own resources. It may include preventing access to the system, slowing down the system with unwanted process or messages, bringing down the network etc.
  • DoS attacks usually do not aim at crack of security. Rather, they are focused on making services unavailable to genuine users resulting in loss of time and money.

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