Seclore Technologies Interview Experience

Product Engineer – C++

Round 1: Aptitude and Technical test

These were two separate tests.

a. Aptitude test consisted of two sections – first was MCQs related to aptitude questions, second was subjective aptitude which consisted of two questions.
b. Technical test consisted of two sections

  • First consisted of C and C++ MCQ questions.
  • Second, consisted of two programming questions – function to reverse a string using recursion, function to count no. of words, vowels in a string.

Round 2: Face-to-face (F2F) interview

• Describe yourself, have any hobbies other than tech?
• Puzzles

  • A box in dark room containing red, blue and green socks. Can pick sock one at a time. How many times needed to pick sock so that to get at least a pair? Ans: 4
  • Measure height of building without using scale. I said can use shadows and trigonometry, but didn’t knew angle of sun.
  • Given 8 balls, 7 have identical weight, 1 is heavier and also a weight balance. Find heavier ball in min. steps. I told could do in 3 steps. He wanted in 2 steps. I tried but failed.

There was one other puzzle, but can’t remember it.

• Questions about current work, projects, project architecture. C/C++ questions, pointers, STL.
• Why use map vs set? Questions on set and map like are keys sorted in both.
• Implement browser history functionality (back and forward buttons). He asked which data structure to use. I first said deque. He asked why not stack? I said in stack we can’t implement forward button easily. Then, he asked what about vector? I said vector can be used. Eventually, I agreed with vector because in vector back button functionality can be like v[i – 1] and forward button like v[i + 1].

I got rejection email after 3 days. They focus more on aptitude than technical skills. I couldn’t answer all the puzzles which had more weightage.

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