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Seagate Technology Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 13 Mar, 2020

Seagate Technology, Pune visited our college campus to hire Firmware Development Interns for their SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) SSD team for CS/IT Students in 2019. As the team needed Firmware Development Interns, the hiring team was focused on C skills and Data Structures only.

Round 1 : Pen-Paper Test
This round had 20/30 C programming and Data Structure questions based on BST and AVL Trees and Loops, etc. Duration for this round was 20 minutes and complexity was medium.

Round 2 : Technical Interview
This round focused on Easy to Medium level C concepts and test of your programming skills. Questions were based on Inline functions, Macros in C, Pointers and other basic data structures. Few questions were asked on Operating Systems and Python Programming. Since, I had some personal projects in Machine Learning, my interviewer asked few basic questions on ML/DL as well. There was only one interviewer. Duration for this round was 20/25 minutes.

Round 3 : Technical Interview – II
This round tested C programming skills and logic of the candidate to solve any problem. This round had 3 interviewers. Few basic programs were asked to be written on paper. Focus was much on bitwise operators and macros in C. The round lasted for 30 minutes. All the interviews provide you some inputs to solve the problem if you are stuck and they generally ask you to optimize your solution for the given problem.

Results were declared the very next day and I was one of them 🙂 Just a quick tip : They will look at your ability to learn and how you approach a given problem.

I suggest our readers to refer GeeksforGeeks C programming archives (most helpful)  :


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