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Scrum methodology in Software Engineering

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 25 Mar, 2021
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Scrum is the best Agile practice in today’s world. This article includes all the concepts regarding product backlog, team role, sprints, burndown charts, and more. Agile moto is “Build short, Build often”. Scrum is using agile methodology, rather than viewing it as a methodology, think of it as a framework for managing the process development. 

Suppose there is one product called “MyProduct”. In scrum features of the product are written from the perspective of the end-user. Features are known as user stories. The collection of user stories is called a Product backlog. It is the wish list of features of the product. After creating a product backlog. For developing a product, we need a variety of people. There are three roles in scrum:

  1. Product Owner : 
    The product owner helps to identify the features to make them correct into the product. The product owner also directs the flow of the work of product development.
  2. Scrum Master:  
    The responsibility of the scrum master is to ensure that project is going smoothly and every team member is following agile values and principles to develop the project. They are like a project manager.
  3. Team: 
    In the team, there are a tester, developer, and executives.

Release Planning: 

  1. The team starts with this. They identify the user stories which want to put into the release. 
  2. Then those user stories are being the part of release backlog. 
  3. They prioritize the user stories and estimates them according to timing. 
  4. Now release backlog is divided into the sprint backlog and sprint backlogs contain sprints. 
  5. Sprints are short-duration milestones. They are several incremental releases. 
  6. Each Sprint contains different stages like quick planning, build, test and reviews. After completing these stages, you get the potentially shippable product.
  7. If a sprint is not completed within time, i.e, the project is not on schedule and something needs to be done. Therefore, it extremely needs to monitor the progress of each sprint with the help of the Burndown chart. 

Burndown chart:   

  1. This is the number one reason for the popularity of scrum methodology. 
  2. It is one of the best project visibility tools to ensure that project is on track. 
  3. It helps the team to make adjustments to get the project on track. It is proof that the project is on track.

Daily scrums: 

  1. The daily scrum is essential for having daily communication between team members. 
  2. It’s important to have a sprint retrospective meeting and discuss what can be improved for the next time around. 
  3. There is some tools line on Time. Also, so one can try it free on
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