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  • Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2020
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In this article we will demonstrate the effect of tagifyText by using javascript library called having smooth transition from one to another. We can adjust the duration of the effect as well.



Note: To use this library we are suppose to install the library and then use it in our programs. And to do so you can follow the this link


To demonstrate the use of this function we have written a small piece of code. In which we have written a small javascript function named ShowEffect method which uses tagifyText method of this library. By clicking on Click me to tagifyText the line!, you will see the effect clearly.

To see the effect first install the library and then open this program in the local environment.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title> examples</title>
        <script type = "text/javascript" 
                src = "prototype.js"></script>
        <script type = "text/javascript" 
                src = "scriptaculous.js" ></script>
        <script type = "text/javascript">
            function ShowEffect(element){
                new Effect.tagifyText(element);
        <div onclick = "ShowEffect('geeks_1')">
            Click me to ShowEffect!
        <br />
        <br />
        <div id = "geeks_1">


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