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Scrapy – Sending an E-mail

  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2021

Prerequisites: Scrapy

Scrapy provides its own facility for sending e-mails which is extremely easy to use, and it’s implemented using Twisted non-blocking IO, to avoid interfering with the non-blocking IO of the crawler. This article discusses how mail can be sent using scrapy. 

For this MailSender class needs to imported from scrapy and then a dedicated function with correct parameters needs to be called to successfully send a mail.

Functions used

  • MailSender() is used to setup the mailer.


classscrapy.mail.MailSender(smtphost=None, mailfrom=None, smtpuser=None, smtppass=None, smtpport=None)


  • smtphost (str or bytes) – the SMTP host to use for sending the emails.
  • mailfrom (str) – the address used to send emails (in the From: header).
  • smtpuser – the SMTP user.  If omitted, the MAIL_USER setting will be used. If not given, no SMTP authentication is going to be performed..
  • smtppass (str or bytes) – the SMTP pass for authentication.
  • smtpport (int) – the SMTP port to connect to
  • smtptls (bool) – enforce using SMTP STARTTLS
  • smtpssl (bool) – enforce employing a secure SSL connection
  • classmethodfrom_settings() Instantiates a Scrapy settings object, which can respect these Scrapy settings.




  • settings (scrapy.settings.Settings object) – the e-mail recipients
  • send() sends email to the given recipients.


send(to, subject, body, cc=None, attachs=(), mimetype=’text/plain’, charset=None)


  • to (str or list) –the e-mail recipients as a string or as an inventory of string
  • subject (str) – the subject of the e-mail
  • cc (str or list) – the e-mails to CC as a string or as an inventory of strings
  • body (str) – the e-mail body
  • attachs ( – an iterable of tuples (attach_name, mimetype, file_object) where attach_name is a string with the name that will appear on the e-mail’s attachment, mimetype is the mimetype of the attachment and file_object  may be a readable file object with the contents of the attachment
  • charset (str) – the character encoding to use for the e-mail contents


  • Import module
  • Setup mailer
  • Add subject and body of the mail
  • Supply with sender and receiver e-mail addresses
  • Send mail



# import module
from scrapy.mail import MailSender
# setup mailer
mailer = MailSender(mailfrom="",
                    smtphost="", smtpport=465, smtppass="MySecretPassword")
# send mail
mailer.send(to=[""], subject="Scrapy Mail",
            body="Hi ! GeeksForGeeks", cc=[""])


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