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Scrape most reviewed news and tweet using Python

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Many websites will be providing trendy news in any technology and the article can be rated by means of its review count. Suppose the news is for cryptocurrencies and news articles are scraped from, we can get each news item reviewer to count easily and placed in MongoDB collection.

Modules Needed


  • Tweepy: Tweepy is the Python client for the official Twitter API. Install it using the following pip command: 
pip install tweepy
  • MongoClient: The class MongoClient enables one to make successful MongoDB server connections with your code. Install it using the following pip command: 
pip install pymongo
  • Pyshorteners: Pyshorteners are used to shorten, brand, share, or retrieve data from links programmatically. Install it in the below ways
pip install pyshorteners



In order to fetch tweets through Twitter API, one needs to register an App through their Twitter account. Follow these steps for the same:

  • Open this link and click the button: ‘Create New App’ 
  • Fill in the application details. You can leave the callback URL field empty. 
  • Once the app is created, you will be redirected to the app page. 
  • Open the ‘Keys and Access Tokens tab. 
  • Copy ‘Consumer Key’, ‘Consumer Secret’, ‘Access token’, and ‘Access Token Secret’ and paste them in the below code. 

Below is the implementation.


# Python program to get top 3 trendy news item 
import tweepy
import json
from datetime import date, timedelta, datetime
from pymongo import MongoClient
from html.parser import HTMLParser
import re
from pyshorteners import Shortener
NewsArrayIndex = 0
NewsArray = [None] * 3
class MyHTMLParser(HTMLParser):
    # This function collects the value
    # of href and stores in NewsArrayIndex 
    # variable
    def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
        # Only parse the 'anchor' tag.
        global NewsArrayIndex
        if tag == "a":
            # Check the list of defined attributes.
            for name, value in attrs:
                # If href is defined, print it.
                if name == "href":
                    # print(value + "\t" + News1)                                   
                    NewsArray[NewsArrayIndex] = value
                    # print(NewsArray)
                    NewsArrayIndex += 1
# This function is the primary place
# to tweet the collected daily news
# News is retrieved from Coll_DailyNewsPlusReview 
# collection (MongoDB collection) This collection
# holds the value of " News Headlines, Its review 
# count, news link" and based upon the review count,
# top most # reviewed news are taken As twitter allows
# only 280 characters, the retrieved news link got
# shortened by using BITLY API Hashtags related to
# the news are added underneath the retrieved top
# 3 news (All together allowed characters are 280)
# Then top 3 news gets tweeted from a credential
# Finally per day basis the tweeted news are stored
# into another collection for audit purposes as well
# as for weekly posting
def tweetDailyNews():
        # This is the collection name in mongodb
        cursor_P = db1.Coll_DailyNewsPlusReview.find({"time": date_str})
        p0 = cursor_P[0]
        News = p0.get('News')
        sortedNews = sorted(News, key = lambda x: int(x[1]), reverse = True)
        print(sortedNews[0][0]+"--" + sortedNews[0][1],
              sortedNews[1][0] + ".."+ sortedNews[1][1],
              sortedNews[2][0] + ".." + sortedNews[2][1])
        hyperlink_format = '<a href ="{link}">{text}</a>'
        parser = MyHTMLParser()
        dailyNews = "Impactful News of the Day" + "\n"
        News0 = sortedNews[0][2]
        parser.feed(hyperlink_format.format(link = News0, text = News0))
        News1 = sortedNews[1][2]
        print("News1", News1)
        parser.feed(hyperlink_format.format(link = News1, text = News1))
        News2 = sortedNews[2][2]
        parser.feed(hyperlink_format.format(link = News2, text = News2))
        # News shortening pattern
        BITLY_ACCESS_TOKEN ="20dab258cc44c7d017bcd1c1f4b24484a37b8de9"
        b = Shortener(api_key = ACCESS_TOKEN) 
        NewsArray[0] = re.sub('\n', '', NewsArray[0])
        response1 = b.bitly.short(NewsArray[0]) 
        response1 = response1['url']
        NewsArray[1] = re.sub('\n', '', NewsArray[1])
        response2 = b.bitly.short(NewsArray[1]) 
        response2 = response2['url']
        NewsArray[2] = re.sub('\n', '', NewsArray[2])
        response3 = b.bitly.short(NewsArray[2]) 
        response3 = response3['url']
        news1FewWords = sortedNews[0][0].split()
        dailyNews += news1FewWords[0] + " " 
        + news1FewWords[1] + " " + news1FewWords[2
        + "...." + response1 + "\n"
        news2FewWords = sortedNews[1][0].split()
        dailyNews += news2FewWords[0] + " " 
        + news2FewWords[1] + " " + news2FewWords[2
        + "...." + response2+"\n"
        news3FewWords = sortedNews[2][0].split()
        dailyNews += news3FewWords[0] + " " 
        + news3FewWords[1] + " " + news3FewWords[2]
        + "...." + response3 + "\n" + "# bitcoin \
        # cryptocurrency # blockchain # investor # altcoins\
        # fintech # investment"
        status = api.update_status(status = dailyNews)
        if status:
            for i in range(3):
                datas = {}
                datas['time'] = str(
                datas['posted_as'] = i
                datas['news'] = sortedNews[i][0]
                datas['shortenedlink'] = NewsArray[i]
                datas['reviewcount'] = sortedNews[i][1]
                datas['link'] = sortedNews[i][2]
    except Exception as e:
        print("Error in getting today news data", str(date_str))
# Driver Code
News1 = ' '
News2 = ' '
date_str = str(
print("today", date_str)
client = MongoClient('mongodb://localhost:27017/')
# Connect your database here
db1 = client.xxxx 
# credentials to tweet
consumer_key ="xxxx"
consumer_secret ="xxxx"
access_token ="xxxx"
access_token_secret ="xxxx"
# authentication of consumer key and secret 
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key, consumer_secret) 
# authentication of access token and secret 
auth.set_access_token(access_token, access_token_secret) 
api = tweepy.API(auth,
                 wait_on_rate_limit = True,
                 wait_on_rate_limit_notify = True)   


Impactful News of the Day 
Veteran Investor Says…. 
Bitcoin Hashrate Drops…. 
The VC Who…. 
#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain #investor #altcoins #fintech #investment 


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Last Updated : 17 May, 2022
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