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Scrape Instagram using Instagramy in Python

  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021
Geek Week

In this article, we will learn how can we get Instagram profile details using web scraping. Python provides powerful tools for web scraping, we will be using Instagramy here. This tool is specifically made for Instagram and also analyze the data using Pandas.


The python package Instagramy is used to scrape the Instagram quick and easy. This package is installed by running the following command. Based on network connection it scrapes the data for you.

pip install instagramy

Example 1: Scraping basic details


from instagramy import Instagram
# Connecting the profile
user = Instagram("geeks_for_geeks")
# printing the basic details like
# followers, following, bio
# return list of dicts
posts = user.get_posts_details()
print('\n\nLikes', 'Comments')
for post in posts:
    likes = post["likes"]
    comments = post["comment"]






Example 2: Analysing the data



from instagramy import Instalysis
# Instagram user_id of ipl teams
teams = ["chennaiipl", "mumbaiindians",
         "royalchallengersbangalore", "kkriders",
         "delhicapitals", "sunrisershyd",
data = Instalysis(teams)
# return the dataframe
data_frame = data.analysis()






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