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Schneider Electric Campus Selection for Internship

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019

Round 1:CV Shortlisting and Online Test

Round 2:Telephonic/Face to Face Interview

Round 3: HR Interview

Schneider Electric came to campus for offering internship roles.Eligible branches were CS, EE, ME, EC.Initially a cv/cgpa shortlisting was done.30 candidates were selected.Subsequently there was Technical interview round.This was conducted both face to face and in telephonic mode since it was vacation going on and many students were absent in campus.Technical questions in CS asked were basic questions relating to subjects of DBMS, OS and C++.

  • Define Operator Overloading.
  • Define OOPS concepts.
  • Define Inheritance in C++.
  • Questions relating to computer graphics (since i mentioned it in CV).
  • ACID Properties in DBMS, Normalization.
  • Some basic sql.
  • Virtual Memory, Paging segmentation, Thrashing in OS.

After technical interview round total 7 people (4 from CS)  were selected.

Next was HR interview.Hr was some middle aged lady.It was more of a face to face talk for me.She asked me about my family, academics, hobbies and interests, future goals and the inevitable HR question “Strengths and Weaknesses”.

Results were out the same day and i had made it.I interned at Schneider Electric Bangalore and it was an indeed enriching experience for me.I had a great time learned lot of stuff.Employees there are really helpful. Hope this article helps you .You can contact me at


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