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Scaler Academy Interview Experience | SDE Intern (Off Campus) 2020

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 May, 2020

The entire process can be broken down into 3 parts.

1. Resume Shortlisting

I applied for the internship over mail and got a call for the telephonic interview the very next day.

2. Telephonic Interview

This was a technical interview which held on google meet. We also had a code-sharing screen with us. The interview started with a resume walkthrough followed by a general discussion about the role and company. Then he asked me to rate myself on MySql. Following which he asked me to write a few MySQL queries testing my knowledge about joins etc. I really liked how the interviewer was focussing on logical, conceptual thinking rather than focusing on syntax.

After that, we moved on to the programming part. He asked me two programming questions. The first question was based on general programming concepts like conditionals, loops, etc and the second one was based on linked lists. Both of the questions were easy enough. I was asked to code the first one and write the pseudocode for the second. He judged me on my coding style and also asked me to improve the code quality as well.

3. Tech Assignment

This was a home assignment. I had to develop an interview creation portal. The portal needs to have some must-have functionality and few good-to-have features which were mentioned in the assignment. There was no strictness on the choice of tech stack. The assignment had to be completed within 4-5 hours. 

The project needs to be uploaded on GitHub and if possible hosted on AWS/Azure or any other web hosting service.

A few days after submitting the assignment, I got a call from HR that I was selected.

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