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ScaleGrid Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2015
Geek Week

Scaledgrid is a start-up providing mongodb as service on cloud. I had a skype interview and below are the questions.

1) You have a single core cpu. Your applications does a lot of I/O operations. Can multi-threading used for making the application more efficient ?

2) A cluster consists of some finite number of server. A cluster is configured to use a DB(mongo db). Given that you have “n”(which can be large) clusters, give the design for a system for taking the periodic back-ups of these clusters.
       a) For each cluster, the cluster user would configure the start time to start taking the back-up and how frequently the back-up can be taken
       b) Assume you have backupservice.takebackup(Cluster cluster) throws BackUpFailedException method available
       c) Can multi-threading be used ?
       d) How is timer going to be implemented ?
       e) the takebackup() method can throw exception if backing up fails. How is this handled
       f) Define required classes with the data and methods

3) Write code for pattern matching of regular expression. Only . and * are the special characters in the pattern
boolean isPatternMatched(String inputString, String pattern);

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