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SBI Assistant Manager(System) Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 13 Mar, 2017

Recruitment exam for SBI Assistant Manager (System) post was held on 20th Jan 2017 for around 200 post (You can find the examination format in their advertisement). On 23rd Feb 2017 they published the list of around 700 students who got shortlisted for interview. Selection ratio for interview is 1:3. Interviews are based in only 4 cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata). They will reimburse you for train tickets and also provide coupons for lunch. Interviews are done in slots means even if time written on your invitation letter is 9.00AM then there is possibility that your turn will come at 3.00PM. In this time they will call you one by one for document verification (Please be prepared with all the documents listed in bio-data form).

Interview Preparation Tips:
1. Nothing to carry in interview room (No file, No resume). They will give you one bio-data form you need to fill that form and all the questions will come from that only.
2. Important fields to fill in form (questions will come from this only): Qualification, Experience, Achievements and Hobbies.
3. For experienced people the interview is solely based on HR questions.
4. For unexperienced candidates they will ask questions about your projects.
5. Overall interview experience is more of a HR interview than technical.
6. Few of the questions are repeating so better be prepared with well-rehearsed answers.
7. Have a quick overlook of recent political and financial news.

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Interview Details :
Location : Bangalore
Date : 8th March 2017
Duration : 25 min
Panel Members : 4

Questions :
1. Tell us about your hometown and what is it famous for?
Ans: Don’t start with recent news from your area, you should first tell some history

2. Tell us about your internship experience and what have you learned from it?
Ans: In internship you got the exposure of real world and how it changed your college life decisions.
3. Told about IoT so next questions was about GO language (Language for IoT)
Ans: Know some recent trends about the domain which you are working.

4. Tell us your experience in XYZ company
And: How you handled your responsibilities.
5. How that work is relevant in SBI?
And: Give real time use cases where it can be implemented.
6. What is the difference between Perl and Python?
And: You should know why you are using some specific tool or language.

7. Why you are not going for Ph.D or teaching job (As I had 1 years of teaching experience)
And: Interested more in application part than research.
8. Why banking job?
And: One of the emerging field due to digital banking, more stable job and always excited about finance.

9. Tell us about the competition you have won (I had won one of the international NASA competition)/ your major project
Ans: You should mention how you prepared for competition step by step and how you tackled the issues you have faced.

10. Tell us about your hobbies
Ans: Why you are interested in that particular things and how you manage time for it from your daily routine.

This article is contributed by Rohit Kasle. Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.

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