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SapientNitro Interview Experience

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1. Recruitment process

  • There was a written test which had four sections. Technical, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability.
  • Shortlisted candidate went for technical interview round.
  • Then further shortlisted candidate went for hr interview round
  • Those who got shortlisted after the hr round got the full time offer.

2. Questions and answers

Written Test

  • Technical sections had questions from almost all the sections(C, C++, DBMS, DS, OS)
  • Quantitative aptitude’s questions were good.. All were almost of R. S. Aggarwal’s level though few exceptions were there too
  • Logical reasoning and verbal ability was good.. Some questions were tough.

Technical Interview

  • The first question i was asked “what is polymorphism” ???
  • Is Java only language to provide run time polymorphism ???
  • Write a code for stack using linked list(when writing any code keep the boundary conditions in mind)
  • Write an algorithm to find the loop in a given linked list(i did it with two pointers), then i was asked if we can do it with one pointer(yes, using extra space of course). Then i was asked if we really need any pointer??
  • Next question was regarding dbms, a table was given and i was asked to write three different tpe of queries to insert data in that table
  • Then the next question was about joins in dbms. First theory and then two tables were given and i was asked to perform each type of join on it
  • A puzzle was also asked “we have a car which had 5 tyres(4 in use and 1 spare). The car had traveled 20,000 miles and all of its tyres has covered equal amount of distance and all the tyres has reached their maximum limit and thus all are busted. What is the maximum limit of each tyre ”

HR Interview

  • It started with “tell me something about your self”
  • Then we talked about my “strengths and weakness”
  • Who is the toughest person you ever had to deal with
  • Asked about my project. But he was mainly interested in how i participated in that project. and how i worked in that team.
  • I was asked about my participation in different activities that ranges from playing an anchor to organize a debate in school.
  • Where do i see myself in 5 years from now.
  • Why “sapient”??
  • What do i know about “sapient”??
  • And then it was my turn to ask any questions..
  • I asked “what kind of work i’ll be actually doing if i join you guys ” and “ what will the chances of my growth in your organization”

Interview tips

  • Prepare for hr round as well, it’s important too. If two people have same technical skills then obviously the one with better hr skill stands with and upper hand
  • Your positive attitude matters a lot. Try to have a smile on your face when you enter the interview room
  • Should have good communication skills
  • Stay confident throughout the interview, even if u dn’t know abt any particular thing dn’t panic just try your best..

All the best everyone… !!!!!

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Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2014
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