Sapient Interview Experience for ASDE

Sapient came to our campus in October 2020 

Round 1 (Coding Round): It consisted of two questions.

  1. Given an array of n integers. For each Ai count the numbers from 1 to Ai which is co-prime to Ai. Return this as a new array. 
  2. It was an easy string question.

I solved both questions. Total 29 were shortlisted from around 160 students.

Round 2 (Technical round): The technical round started with the introduction. Then he asked me about my projects and select one project which you like the most. Further discussion was on the same project that I selected. After that, he asked me about my favorite programming language. He gave me a task to design using the OOPS concept, a fantasy game like IPL which had details of players and teams, and after that after each match, some points will be awarded. I wrote the code up to the main function, and he was not interested in the syntax. Then we had a discussion on function overloading, overriding, abstract class. After that, he switched to OS. He asked me the function of OS, how it works, he further asked me about process synchronization. 

Out of 29, around 16 were selected for the next round.

Round 3 (HR): The HR round too started with the introduction. He gave me some situations. He asked me what you learned in college apart from my studies.

He asked me if I had done any project in a team, what was my role, what you learned from it. 

He was impressed.

Around 10 were selected, and I was one of them.

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