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Sapient Interview Experience (ASDE1)

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Sapient came to our campus in July 2019
Round 1: Coding Round.
2 questions
Q1. Rock paper scissors game. Determine the number of times a given player must change his/her hand formation such that he/she always wins the game.
Q2. Binary Matrix question. Determine the largest square of all 1’s in a given Binary matrix. The problem is solved by using dynamic programming and is available on GeeksforGeeks.

I solved both the questions partially. Total 25 were shortlisted from around 200-250 students.

Technical round:
The technical round started with the introduction. Then he asked me about my projects and select one project which you like the most. Further discussion was on the same project that I selected. He asked me to draw use case diagram, database design and MVC architecture of the project. He asked me how you started the project. I told him that I surveyed before starting the project. Did you use any API? I used zingchart for visualization so I told him.
Then he asked me a coding question. It was an optimization problem.
Then he asked me about the cloud. Definition of cloud. How will you deploy an application on cloud? I told him whatever I knew. I did not have much knowledge about it, so he didn’t ask me more about it.
Then he gave me one more coding question. I wrote code for it and explained to him.
At last, he asked me any questions? I asked him a question. Be prepared with at least 1-2 questions.
He was impressed with me.

Round 3: HR round
13 students were rejected and 12 students gave HR round.
He was concerned about my projects and extracurricular activities. I was associated with student branch in my college. So he visited the website of the event which I developed and asked me questions about it. What modifications will you do in the existing system? If the load(No. of users at a given time) is increased, will the Web application work? What difficulties have you faced till now? What did you learn from your mistakes? Any advice to your team when they failed? He wanted to check whether I’m a team player. And some more questions related to the event management and leadership.
He was impressed.

And finally, I was selected. Total of 8 students were hired.

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Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2019
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