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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 6 (Experienced)

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1st round online test-
1. Psychometric Test
2. General Aptitude
3. Analytical Aptitude
4. Verbal Skills
5. Computer Skills
6. Coding Skills
Coding ques – 2ques requiring very basic coding skills in C.

After clearing this I was called for interview process.

2nd round- designing round
we were divided into groups and given problem statement, assigned mentors group wise, bt asked to create solution individualy. Given around 3040 mins to design a banking system with given requirements,

Design should include
-Logic Flow Diagram
-E-R diagram (very important)
-DB tables with relations between them, preferably normalized
-Commands for transaction with tables
A PI with mentor on basis of design/DB tables etc created.

3rd round-Technical
Basic questions on
-C (string, array, bitwise operators)
-C++(inheritance concepts, private/public/protected concepts)
-protocols HTTP,TCP/IP
-current project
-ER diagram for some requirement the create Db tables and write C function for transaction from tables.
-Noramlisation 1NF, 2NF, 3NF BCNF with examples
-Dynamic and static binding
-developement and testing lifecycle and types based ques
-Design patterns used in software development
-OS ques paging etc
-linux commands
-puzzles (find volume of air in a bottle etc)
-difference bet product and project
-diff bet system software and bussiness software
-abstract and interface examples

4th round-Mangerial
-normal ques about college, ranking in class etc
-why should I hire u (justify you characteristics which u mention in this ans), why do you want to join SAP.

Then he asked me do i have any ques, I asked about Onsite opportunities, and then while discussing I told him about my interest in visiting Heritage places, so he told me about an organization which conducts Heritage walks in delhi for places not so famous but with rich historic significance and then gave me contact details. I dont know how much I impressed him, Bt I was flattered by this gesture. 🙂

5th round- HR
He asked me how should i weigh Howrah bride and asked to give any answer I like, normal or wacky. My answer was very normal so i not gonna write that. 😀

And then ques about my weakness and strength, my previous company, reason to change etc.

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Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2016
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