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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 19 (On-Campus)

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Hello friends, I appeared for SAP recruitment process in college campus. We were having online test.

There were 7 sections total – Analytical, Psychometric, Design aptitude, Essay writing, Software engineering questions(and debugging code) and two coding section. Out of 170, 36 were selected for the next round that was interview. In total there were 4 rounds of interview. All rounds were elimination round.

1 Technical interview– She asked questions on paging, deadlock, read – write locks, oops concept, some java questions about p.s.v main(), modularization, index, normalization and project. Interview was of nearly 45 minutes.

2 Technical Interview– This interview was more focused on coding. First, interviewer asked me language in which I was comfortable. I told him C.
Then he asked me many programs like to find occurrence of character in given string, write code of bubble sort. Then he told me now I need not to write the code just explain the logic. So he asked me to find middle node in given link list in one pass (number of nodes not given, obviously), to find duplicate number in array (without using brute force approach), code of fibonacci using recursion. Then there were questions on design patterns, singleton class. He asked some output questions on data types and on method overriding in java. Then he asked two puzzles three switch three bulb problem and to identify lighter ball from given 8 ball using balance just two times. I solved both the puzzle. Then there were questions on MVC architecture, software testings, authorization and authentication, web services, projects.
This interview was of around 1.25 hr.

3 Managerial Interview– In this he asked about projects, software process models and real life examples, some innovative ideas, recent technologies, my experience in college, managerial skills I have and many more.
This interview was of around 30-35 minutes.

4. HR Interview– In this he asked about myself, why sap, what are my goals and more.

Tips- It’s not required to give answers of all questions but you should answer around 70-80% questions, you should try till last to solve the question, and your attitude towards everything should be positive. Each interviewer took time to go through my resume thoroughly and then asked question. So prepare your resume well and write those things only which you know and have studied. Thanks and Best of luck.!!!

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Last Updated : 25 Dec, 2015
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