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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 12 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2021

Round 1: Online Test(1hr 45 min) 

Psychometric Round: 60 questions 10 min 

Section 1: Logical reasoning questions. 
Section 2: Testing Questions. 
Section 3: Technical + Software engineering Questions. 
Section 4: Two Coding Questions. 
Section 5 : Essay Writing 

Pro/cons of Social Networking site 

Code 1: 

Find out the sum of all digit from M to N (both inclusive) 

 M=1 ,N=10
46  (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+1+0)
Input M=10 N=15
21  (1+0+1+1+1+2+1+3+1+4+1+5)

Code 2: 

Convert the string into special string. 

Hello There
Olleh Ereht
How are you?
Woh Era ?you

After this round they have shortlisted 36 students from various departments. 

I was one of them πŸ˜› 

They gave us a form to fill and give it back to them with resume. 
Try to give as soon as possible, because it will decide the order in which sequence they will call you for further process 

I was the second person to fill the form , but they called me first for the interview πŸ˜› 

Round 2: First Technical (F2F) 

Tell me about yourself, Family Background. 

Various Differences between C and C++ 

Ask C++ concepts (inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulations etc ) 

What is process/project/program/product, explain them with differences. 

He asked me that do you any SDLC model, I Said yes I know spiral model, waterfall model. Then he asked me explain these model and write down the all the phases of SDLC and explain. 

Some questions related to inheritance, how we can assign the object value of subclass to superclass. 

He asked me that whether I have heard or know about magnifications, I said no, 

He asked me to explain the project, just overview . 

Then he asked me a puzzle. I got a normal puzzle but some of my friend got the tough puzzles so go through the important puzzles. 

He asked me to ask any questions, but I don’t have any questions at that time. 

Round 2: Second Technical (F2F) 

My First technical round was very good so I was called just after 10 minutes for second technical round. 
This round is varies upon the interviewer. Some of them asking DS and some of them asking only DBMS / SQL. 
I got DBMS/SQL Panel ?. 

Tell me about yourself, Family background. 

Then he asked me explain my project. I have two project in which one is LIVE PROJECT, so he was interested in live project, It was a project of Electric Maintenance Department of Our college. I explain all the aspect of the project. 

Then he asked me to explain all the modules of the project, I explained them all the Roles and Modules of the project. 

What is ER Diagram, Draw ER Diagram of your project with cardinality associations. 

Then he asked me some SQL query 
Top 5 user who are frequently registering the complaint. 
Top 10 User with required inventory 
2nd Highest user who register the complaint. 
Top 5 user with required inventory in Year 2014. 
some more (Total 8 -9 ) query related to Group By Order by and Aggregate function. I was able to solve 5 -6 ? 

Then he asked me what is Data structure ,what are the different Data Structure. Some differences between them. 

What is stack. 
Write a function to Find out Nth peeped Element using only push and pop. 
I explain him that I can used linked representation of Stack and find of kth element from end but he is not satisfied, 
Then I said I can use other stack and find out nth Element, we discuss on this topic approx 20 min. 

Then he asked me what was your subject in UG. 

What is TREE, why it is being used. Explain all the traversal . 

After this round I was sent to 3rd Round, within 5 minutes. 

Round 3: Managerial Round 

In SAPLabs team there is person who is Asia specific Head ( I am not sure about this ) who is taking only Managerial round. 

He asked me tell me about yourself ,family Background . 

He asked me that if a client is facing a problem in accessing the detail of sales department, but process is very slow then how can you make it faster. 

Suppose my laptop is working is slow, so what are the steps you will follow to measure or increase its speed. 

What are the latest trends in world, and why ? 

What is Cloud and why it is good. Do you work on any Cloud. I said yes I worked on Amazon EC2. Then he asked me what is this EC2 and where do you used this one. 

Why you choose BCA and then MCA over Btech? 

He asked to If I ask any question. so I asked 3-4 question. 

Round 4: HR 

Tell Me about yourself. 

Why you choose MCA not Btech? 

Family Background and family business. 

What is your strength and weakness? 

Explain Project (overview of all project). 

What do you learn from a team (as I said to them that the project Is a group project ) . 

Some common HR question like if you are having work of 10 days and you are having only 5 days , how will manage. 

Then he asked me some question upon Politics . 

He asked me ask any question , I said I already asked the question in previous round. 

Round will be easy. 
Basic knowledge of all subject. 
Ask questions to them if they allow. 

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