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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 11

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2015

Hello everyone, I like to share my interview experience with sap labs.

Round 1:( Online Test)
Section 1: Logical reasoning questions.
Section 2: Testing Questions.
Section 3: Techinal + Software engineering Questions.
Section 4: Two Coding Questions.

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Round 2: (Face to Face Technical Interview)
Interview was very friendly first he made me comfortable than he started asking me questions.
1) Tell me about yourself other than I have mentioned in my resume.
2) Steps of Compilation
3) Difference between interpreter and compiler.
4) Discussion on project.
5) Multithreading in C.
6) Questions related to error handling in C.
7) Garbage collection.
8) Friend function and Friend class – he was giving me different situation and asking me what will happen now.
9) If I have two options available a Cloud storage and a hard disk or any other storage device which I will choose to store data and why.
This was the best interview I had, I enjoyed a lot.

Round 3: (Face to Face Technical Interview)
This was very short round, Interviewer was not giving me time to think, he was expecting answers very quickly.
1) Complexity of insertion, deletion of an element in array and in many situations he was asking complexity.
2) A Database Design Question –
Consider a campus recruitment process in which a particular company can visit my colleges and many companies can
visit a particular college so, design a database for this using tables.
3) Difference between private and protected.
4) Code for Runtime Polymorphism.
5) Many OOPS related questions.

Round 4: (Managerial Interview)
1) Tell me about yourself.
2) About family background.
3) About project I have done.
4) What is cloud.
5) Do you have any problem of reallocation.
6) Is it alright that we will give you more work to do.

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