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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 10 (For Developer Specialist, 4-6 yrs)

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This was for a Developer Specialist (JAVA,JAVASCRIPT) position(4-6 yrs). It was a very long process but was an awesome one!!!

Round 1 (Telephonic) [ > 1hr]
1) Why main method is void in JAVA?
2) Are string parameters mandatory in main method? At what time are the parameters read?
3)Difference between sleep and wait
4)Difference between yield vs join
5)Checked and unchecked exceptions.
6) Concurrent hash map.
7)Difference between isInstance and Instance of
8)When to use reflection and name few methods?
9)Fail fast vs fail safe iterator
10) JVM JRE and JDK.What does rt.jar contain?
11 )When to use LinkedHash Map and Tree map? Which is better for insertion,deletion and search?
12) What is static method?Where are static variable stored in memory?
13) JAVA memory model.
14)JAVA garbage collection process.What is survivor space?
15)When to override toString() method?
16)Design a DS which does the following operations:
1)Insert,2)Delete,3)Search in O(1) complexity.

Few general questions about my previous experience.hobbies etc

After 3-4 hrs I got an update that I am through the telephonic screening and have to attend F2F.

Round 2 F2F( 90 min)

After introduction,few questions were in JAVA then he started asking some coding questions.

1)Write a recursive program to find distance between 2 nodes in a binary tree.
Modify it to know the difference between parent and the root.
2) Write a program “isPerfectSquare” without using SQRT, * and / operators.
3) Write an infinite stack for doubly linked list.
4)How to design a chess board? ->The discussion went on for almost 30 min.The solution was an incremental improvement and the interviewer seems to be very satisfied.

Round 3 F2F( 90 min)
1)What is strategy pattern? Explain and implement it.
2)What is Dependency Injection?Which pattern supports it?
3) Explain heap sort end to end with an example. Implement executable code for it.
4)DeadLock,Race Condition,Mutual exclusion.
5)Write a JAVA program to implement deadlock.Resolve it too.

Round 4 F2F( 60 min)
This was pure design round and was quite challenging.

1)How to create REST API for a job scheduler?
2) When to use IS-A and when to use HAS-A relationship? Difference between Compostion,Aggregation,Association,Specialization,Realization,Generalization.
3)Design REST API for checkout option in a shopping cart and what is the API designed to generate the Order ID
4) 1 JOIN query in SQL.

Round 5 F2F(90 min)
1)Write an SQL query to remove duplicate rows in a table.
2)Draw a UML class diagram for a FILE/FOLDER structure.
3) Implement OR and AND operation using Conditional operator.
4) Find the nth largest element in Binary Search Tree (Sol :Traverse inorder n times)
5) Construct a binary tree for Infix expression without using stack.

Round 6(90 min) (Techno-Managerial Round -F2F)
1) some puzzles
2) explain about project.some indepth questions on it.
3)How has quora implemented its architecture.
4)How is friends of friends feature implemented in Facebook?
5)What are the best ways to design REST API?
6) Few details about background ,SAP etc

Round 7(45 min) (Techno-Managerial Round -Telephonic)
1) How is hash map implemented in JAVA?
2)Why have column-oriented databases evolved?Explain it.
3) Few more questions on JAVA.
4) Some behavioural questions giving a hypothetical situation (tricky)
5) Biggest challenging task I have done till now technically.

Round 8 ( HR -telephonic)
1) What are your strengths and weakness?
2)Why SAP?
3)Notice period.
4)Expected Salary.

1)Questions in this firm are not that difficult like Amazon and other firms but the subjects covered are broader than what other companies ask.(Not limited to DS and Algo)
2) Even though you are proficient in many topics/technologies as mentioned in your resume, the interviewer would give you an option to choose the topic of your choice.
3)No on is perfect !!! All the interviewers were very helpful and were giving tips/clues during the problem solving.Please ask if you need more details about the question rather than keeping mum.Aall All the best Folks 🙂

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Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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