SAP Labs Interview Experience | Online Exam

Round 1: The very first Round is Online Exam in which there are 17 questions related to DBMS, O.S, D.S, C  etc. There are 15 MCQ’s in which 10 are easy based on Data Structure, Operating Ssystem and 5 are quite complicated based on C (output predict). And the 2 coding question like

1.Closest number in the array (absolute difference) and print each pair with that absolute difference in the new line.

2.Find areas of any Shape with Ceiling value.

Round 2: Second Round is Technical Written .Inthat you have to write the program manually ( on paper) and some case situation are given to slove to check yours thinking capability and Basic Knowledge.

Round 3: Technical HR . The question might be from the program that you are written  on the paper. In this round the HR can write the same program in many different ways to check your basic knowledge and the complexity of program.

Round 4: The final HR Round .Interviewer asked the same questions like Tell me aboia yourself, Strength, Weakness actually the Interviewer check yours attitude, Behaviour, Presence of mind .

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