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SAP Labs Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2020
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SAP Labs visited our campus for Full-Time Employment for the developer role . So here is my journey from a reader to an interview writer and all thanks to geeksforgeeks .

Online Test

This consisted of 3 sections and there was cutoff in each section to get selected. First 2 sections consisted total of 10 mcq’s. They were mainly based on OOP’s concept, c debugging , rest api, data structures, networks and OS. Last section consisted of 2 coding questions

1. count all distinct pairs with difference equal to K.

2. This question was to be done exclusively only in JAVA. it was basically to implement function which converts string array to arraylist and implement some functions to manipulate the arraylist. this is a cakewalk who  would know java.

I solved both the coding questions and my 8-9 mcqs were correct. I along with 27 others were shortlisted for interviews.

Round 1 (Technical Interview on hackerrank codepair)

This interviewer asked me 3 coding questions and 1 sql query.

1.reverse a string

2.detect a loop in linked list.


after this she asked me to write a query for which we had to use join and subquery. Then she gave me linked list and a pointer pointing to node which has to deleted .this had to done without using any extra pointers. she just asked me to explain it. From this round 18 people were shortlisted for next round. This round lasted for 30-40 mins.

Round 2(Technical Interview on MS Teams)

only 2 questions were asked in this round.

1. Implement linked list without using any in build functions in any language of your choice and write all functions like add, insert, delete node . Then he asked me to write a function to Nth largest element from linked list in O(1) space.

2. There are10 teams and if each team plays 3 matches then how many matches are needed in whole to be conducted.

We also discussed about shortest path algorithms.

From this round again 10 people were shortlisted to next round. This round also lasted for 30-40 mins.

Round 3( Managerial Round by Senior Manager on MS Teams)

this round was basically discussion round. He asked me about my projects. Then he asked me to code to solve a sudoku since this project was mentioned in my resume. then some general managerial questions were asked. This round also lasted for 30-40 mins.

5 people were shortlisted for HR round.

Round 4 ( HR Round on MS Teams)

general hr questions were asked . why SAP, what you know about SAP , do you know any products of SAP , family background , hobbies , normal discussion on projects etc. Guess what this round lasted for 50-60 mins yeah you read it correctly LOLLL. Before finishing the round she said you are welcome to SAP. That was the moment I was waiting for and all my hard work paid off which I did in my last 4 months.

All the 5 people were selected finally 🙂

Tip:  I would say only one thing for NON-CSE students be thorough with DSA and any one of the programming language.  If u know any extra CSE subjects it will surely give you edge over others. write only the things in resume which you are sure of. Even if u don’t know any answer say all the ideas or approaches because they see how you think or develop ideas.

Once again a lot of thanks to geeksforgeeks which helped me with lot of preparation.

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