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SAP Labs Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2021
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I appeared for the Sap Labs interview in October 2020 through On-Campus Drive. After, the online test, there were 4 total rounds.

Online Test: The online test questions were based on array and string manipulations and some MCQ questions were also there. I did pretty well and was able to solve both the questions and MCQ’s too. After the online test we got the  results for the next round and out of more than 300 peoples who appeared 33 were selected for the interview rounds.

Round 1(Technical round): This round was on Data-Structures and my problem-solving skills. The Interviewer Introduced himself and gave me 2 coding problems which were taken on HackerRank platform.

  1. Similar to this concept.
  2. Find an element in an array such that the sum of the left array is equal to the sum of the right array
  3. Two SQL queries were asked.
  4. A situation-based problem like which data structure will you use.
  5. Oops Concepts, difference btw two types of polymorphism, what is overloading.

I was able to answer most of the questions correctly and was selected for the 2nd round which was also a technical round along with 26 others.

Round 2(Technical Round): This round was mainly focused on testing my in-depth knowledge of all core subjects and coding abilities. The Interviewer was very friendly and helpful I must say. He was listening to each and every single detail of my answer. So in this round also there were 2 coding problems and then project-related questions, and then he proceeded towards the Subjects DBMS, OOPS, Operating Systems.

  1. Sum of all leaf Nodes(Tree-based)
  2. Merge sort framed in a tricky question.
  3. Oops, concepts- Polymorphism, overloading, and overriding difference, Examples of each and everything which he asked in real life.
  4. DBMS concepts and at last some Operating systems questions.
  5. Deadlock, critical section, spooling.
  6. What is unique in your project, motive, which technologies you have used, and why(My project was based on MERN full stack)

After the 2nd round the results came via email for the shortlisted candidates for 3rd round which was managerial round and was very important to clear anyone who clears this round is definitely going to the HR ROUND.

Round 3(Managerial Round): This round was taken by Sap’s managers, and they were wonderful and polite with us. He asked me questions related to my project first and after that behavioral questions were asked.

  1. Tell me about your project, a unique thing, is it deployed or not.
  2. JavaScript-related questions as my project were on this.
  3. Why SAP and what are our core values?
  4. Where do you see Yourself from five years now?
  5. What do you think you can bring new with you in terms of idea.
  6. Will you be able to work under pressure as there is a hell lot of work and pressure.
  7. Who inspired you and why you want to join us.

And yes I answered everything with Confidence and was proceeded to the final HR Round which means I was going to select for sure. My one tip for you all would be to answer everything with confidence and keep that smile on your face.

Round 4(HR Round): So this round was very light as compared to all the 3 rounds above. The HR and I were having a very light conversation like

  1. Tell me about Yourself.
  2. Explain to me oops concepts in layman terms.
  3. Why Sap and why you want to work with us.
  4. Which location you want to work in.

So this was all about my interview experience. The experience was enriching and all the hardwork finally paid off. Keep faith in your Hardwork and never stop doing it. Good Luck Guys!!

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