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SAP Labs Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2020

I am sharing my experience with the SAP interview.

30 Students were shortlisted from the aptitude test

Round 1(Technical Interview): There were two interviewers for conducting the interview. It started with my brief introduction. The interviewer asked me resume based questions (Difficulty medium).

  1. Tell me about your internships
  2. Tell me about Robocon (which I was part of).
  3. Later he asked me to write array, string codes.
  4. Later they asked me about primary storage and secondary storage in  computer.
  5. The last question was, what are the emerging technologies. I answered cloud computing, so I was asked to explain cloud services (Saas, Paas Iaas).

8 students were selected for next round

Round 2 (Technical Interview): There were two interviewers for conducting the interview. I was again asked to give a brief introduction about myself. They asked me coding questions like 

  1. Mirror of a tree and string questions. I was asked to give algorithms and not the entire code.
  2. Later they asked me OS questions like what is a deadlock, what is a critical section.
  3. They asked me about my internships in detail.

5 students were selected for the next round

Round 3 (Managerial): I was asked to introduce myself. This round consisted of many puzzles (Difficulty medium-high). 

  1. I was asked to design a compiler for a new language.
  2. I was also asked questions on the shortest distance algorithm,

4 students were selected for the next round

Round 4 (HR): I was asked to introduce myself. I was asked about my co-curricular and extracurricular activities. She asked me what are the responsibilities that you have taken in the college(e.g. Head of any club, Panel member, etc). She told me about various SAP schemes, and we had a quite chatty time.

All 4 of us got selected


1. Whichever language you choose (java,c++etc.) basic concepts should be crystal clear

2. Be firm about your answers and your method (especially in the managerial round)

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