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SAP Business Suite – Bundle, Components, and Applications

Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2023
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SAP Business Suite is a collection of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). SAP is the leader in every business organization that integrates various operations into one technology called SAP. We use SAP ERP for all these operations, and there are also many other tools and technologies for each operation. SAP HANA, SAP CRM, SAP PLM, and so on.

In this article, we would like to see an overview of the SAP business suite and how it functions, the types of business suites, and so on.


SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite

It is a software bundle that helps to integrate business functions, processes, and strategies. It was developed upon a platform called NetWeaver which itself is a SAP technology.

SAP integrated applications are mentioned below:

  • SAP CRM – Customer relationship management.
  • SAP ERP – Enterprise resource planning.
  • SAP PLM – Product lifecycle management.
  • SAP SRM – Supplier relationship management.
  • SAP SCM – Supply chain management.

Over many years, this software is used to helped us to discover better market opportunities which enhances visibility among various organizations and it gives solid technical foundation. SAP Product business suite able to tackle day to day challenges it works on SAP and NON SAP systems. It also solves many IT infrastructural issues and the disadvantages here very cost effective and very hard to maintain it. SAP Product Business Suite offers user friendly interface and it helps more companies to execute processes across various segments of their businesses.

SAP Business suite bundle

The rising star for any operation of SAP business suite is SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is also called SAP ERP CC (ERP central component). Well ECC consists following modules with its functionalities as mentioned below:

  1. Financial accounting for to manage and operate financial operations.
  2. Controlling of account information and financial planning.
  3. In order to manage the payroll and HR functioning Human Capital Management is used.
  4. For to manage complex projects and large scale phenomena Project analysis system is used to take control over these.
  5. Monitoring machines and factories uses Plant manipulations and operations.
  6. There are also Quality control mechanism department separately for quality management.
  7. For production planning, it helps business to supply and demand to grow their businesses.
  8. For to manage materials and inventory management, Materials management is used.
  9. Sales and distribution planning is also used to manage major sales processes.

Apart from SAP ERP, SAP business suite includes the following as mentioned below:

  • SAP CRM, SAP SRM, PLM and SCM these processes are have briefly explained and the for detailed explanation it is mentioned below as shown.

SAP Business Suite Components


SAP Business Suite Components

It has five core components and that is mentioned below:

1. SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – It is used for customer support and analysis and it helps us to handle all of our customer issues. As we all knew that customers are the most valuable assets to any organization, SAP CRM enables us to solves all our queries and problems. It provides integrated solutions for good sales and low cost in companies. SAP CRM develops good customer oriented solutions furthermore it also enables more industries or companies to target particular marketing campaigns and so on.

2. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – It provides the basic foundation for business operations and processes which creates a complete solution and covers various aspects of business such as payment gateway, inventory management, planning, production, accounts, human resources etc. This particular platform stores data in the form of various ways. we can access the data in real time and whenever we want.

3. SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) – It enables us to increase the performance of our supply chain processes which assists in handling logistics department, workflow management, planning and operation and integrating components and coordinating with other departments and so on and it also helps us to detects drawbacks in supply chain and ensures that no problem will occur.

4. SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) – Organizations or industries enables to strengthen the relationship with their suppliers and the can use this to automate the various processes related to the delivery of goods and services. It can helps us to reduce costs, stream line processes and increase profits.

5. SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – It enables us to manage the products and its related resources lifecycle needs for a company. SAP PLM provide all necessary details and information about the product design. PLM includes design, innovation, engineering principles, managing and quality control which makes all employees to make data driven decisions.

SAP Business Suite Applications

  • SAP HANA – SAP HANA (high performance Analytic appliance) is one of the best SAP application which contain in-memory database and works on cloud area and it is best for SAP ERP. It manly stores business data and it is supported by advanced analytics. It also handles various data request made by variety of applications.
  • SAP ERP – It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is one of the SAP application. It mostly consists of Various technical modules. It helps organizations to integrate the solutions and streamline the activities of all department. It is used to manage business operations.
  • SAP Sales and Operations Planning – It develops different sales operation strategies and techniques and planning. It acts as an forecasting tool and flexible planner. This particular application of SAP software enable us to streamline the sales and planning activities of organization.
  • SAP Transportation management – it simply manages and takes care of transportation firms. It includes planning, processes, optimization, environment-friendly which covers almost all types of transport such as air, rail, road, ocean.
  • SAP Mobile apps – All SAP applications are streamlined and available on mobile platform. the main purpose of this application is to manage and exchange data between mobile devices and back-end systems. We can also modify the apps and monitor the apps which provides the unified platform.

How to become Certified SAP Product Business Suite Consultant

An individual who have a curious interest in SAP technologies and its operations and who has a major interest in SAP product business suite will give a bright opening to strategic planning techniques and change management. By having solid knowledge in SAP we can able to work and support on various SAP applications. In order to become a SAP business suite consultant we need to be familiar with SAP HANA models.


In this article we have seen some fundamental aspects of SAP product business suite and SAP applications. In end it is to be conclude that SAP Product business suite is used to integrate business functions, processes and SAP products.

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