Sandvine Interview Experience for FTE 2018

Sandvine visited our campus for FTE.
Total 3 round
1. Aptitude (20 MCQ) 20 min
2. Technical (30 MCQ) 40 min ( Computer Network, Operating System, C/Java/python code output )
3. 3 coding question + 1 question to write about 3 bugs in the given code. 40 min

Coding Question were :
1. Given a binary tree and depth n, we have to print node at the depth n and function should not traverse tree
beyond the depth n.
2. given a binary array consisting of {0, 1} we have to return the index at which one operation can be performed ( convert 0 to 1 ) such continuous 1 is maximized. linear space and time complexity were expected.
3. given a linked list such we have to group nodes at even place and odd place together after that we have to append odd place node to the even place node in the reverse order.
ex : 1->2->3->4->5->6->7 ;
output : 2->4->6->7->5->3->1 :

we have to write only pseudo code in their text editor.

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