Sandvine FTE Interview Experience 2019 (On-Campus)



Consisted of 3 sections.

section 1 :  Aptitude(15 mcqs ) 20 minutes time limit

section 2 : Technical(OS, networks, c/c++/java output )  25 mcqs in 40 minutes.

section 3: 4 coding questions in 30 minutes.

Write a function for the following in given text editor.

Questions were

1) Print all the parent cousin pairs in a given tree. (Parent cousins are the pair of nodes in the same level whose sum of left and right children nodes is the same).

Similar  question(

2) Print the subsequence of an array with largest sum.

3) Replace given character in a string with a given string.

4)  A question based on extraction of bits and bit manipulation.

15 students were shortlisted in this round.

Round 2: TECHNICAL ( face to face)

Started with a brief discussion on my project(based on operating systems).Questions like what data structures i used were asked.

ADVICE: Be thorough with whatever you mention in your resume.

It went on with some basic questions on operating systems.Then my approach of answers to the coding questions in the online exam was asked.

The round ended with few personal questions.

7 students were shortlisted in this round.

Round 3: TECHNICAL (4 member panel)

This started with some personal questions. I was asked to retrieve the desired information given 2 database tables. I answered it with a simple sql query using the join operation. I was asked to prove the divisibility rule of 3 (A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of digits of the number is divisible by 3). This round ended with a couple of logical questions.


Check out the above link for interesting questions asked in sandvine.

Finally 3 students were recruited and i was 1 among them.

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