Sandisk full time recruitment process

Round 1: written 

What Western digital(SanDisk) can ask for in written exam is not predictable it depends on the openings as per the search knowledge I read SanDisk will ask you only aptitude and technical questions based on c/c++ etc. but according to my experience if its open for all branches then it will ask you digital and analog as well although there would be 4 sections and you have to choose  any 3 of them. there would be a choice among System programming, analog, and digital aptitude was compulsory.

Round 2: PI

After shortlisting there would be personal interviews it depends on what are their requirements at our time they came for students who can work on hardware so the question they ask you ( from IT or CSE branch student ) is your project based and basics of C/C++ only. it’s all your luck  and your previous projects if you clear this round.

Round 3: HR

In HR round they will ask you basics HR round questions like your introduction, why you want to join SanDisk about your family etc.

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