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Samsung(SRI-B) Interview Experience for Summer Internship (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2021

Round 1 (Online Coding Round)

Time: 70 minutes

Questions: 3

Platform: Cocubes. 

Use of STL was not allowed, and anyways it was not required to solve the questions. There were various sets of questions. The questions that I got were:

  2.  Find max GCD – min GCD of tree cousins.
  3.  The third question from this interview experience –

Solve all the 3 questions as soon as possible. Only few test cases will be shown, so make sure your code works for the hidden test cases.

23 were shortlisted for the next round

Round 2

After the introduction, he asked me my strong areas and weak areas. I told DSA and OS as my strong areas, so he gave me this coding question – I had to tell my approach and had to write code in a Google doc. 

Then he asked me whether I wanted DSA question or OS question, I told DSA, so he gave me this one – This was available on GFG, but the I can’t find it now. The rest of the interview was just me telling my thinking and trying to find the right approach, I couldn’t come up with the correct approach, so the recursive code that I wrote was also completely wrong.

15 were shortlisted for the next round, and I was one of them.

Round 3

After the introduction, he asked for a basic overview of two of my projects. Then he went on with

OS questions – process vs thread, IPC, how can threads communicate with each other, semaphore vs mutex, why cant we use a variable instead of a semaphore. 

CN questions – OSI model, TCP vs UDP.

Programming questions – Inheritance, virtual class, virtual function, use of sizeof in C, can a subclass access everything from parent class, 

There were a few more theoretical questions, which I don’t remember. I didn’t know the answer for some of them, and I told him the same. FInally he asked for approaches for these two questions – find kth element from end of linked list, find if a linked list contains a cycle.

9 were shortlisted and again I was one of them! 😀

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