Samsung Research Institute, Noida Interview Experience (Software Engineer)

Online Test (Test Duration was 3 hours):

The Online Test had 1 programming question. I suggest you to solve the previous year questions asked by Samsung as there is high probability of the same question being asked. The question was burst balloon to maximize the coins.

Round 1 (Technical PI):

The Panel consisted of Two interviewers. First, they asked me to explain most recent project which i mentioned on my resume. Then i was asked to Implement the Logout functionality of the project. Then the interviewer asked the technologies that i used in my project in all the layers namely, Application Layer, Business Layer & the Database Layer. He also asked me what is jsp & why i didn’t use pure HTML & CSS for designing the frontend of my application.

After that i was told to design a database for 3 lakh employees of Samsung so that there can be easy retrieval of the user details & the interviewer also told me to define a data structure in Java that can easily retrieve the search results. There were also few questions such as difference between GET & POST. If i use wireshark to analyse network, is there anything else that we need to do for ensuring security? If yes then what should be done?

There was one question whose approaches were to be discussed with the interviewer like: there is a running stream of increasing numbers & we need to find the median of the given list at any instant of time, given that insert always happens at the rear end & deletion is done at any position.

What is Trie?

What is Git? How to add files in Git? Write the command.

This round went for about 40 mins.

Round 2 (HR Round):

The HR round started with a brief introduction about my technical background i.e: my internships & projects. After that HR asked me to rate my technical interview performance out of 10. He asked me that why i didn’t gave the HSBC interview going on at the same time in our college. He asked me if i was placed & why i wanted to join Samsung even if i am placed in a company which is in my hometown & has given me the assurity of Job.

HR saw my Extra Curriculars & asked me why i didn’t took part in the Singing event which was going on in our college at that time. Then he asked if i had any questions then i should put them forward. After that the interview Ended.

This round went for about 5 mins.

All The Best!

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