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Samsung Research Institute Bangalore Interview Experience (On-Campus for Internship)

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Samsung R&D Bangalore visited our campus on 29/01/2021 and the entire process was conducted online. Students with more than 7.5 CGPA were eligible for the internship. There was one coding round and two Technical Interview rounds. Due to COVID’19, all the rounds were online. Around 150 students have applied for this position.

Round 1: (Online Coding Round)  

The test was proctored and conducted on Co-cubes platform and had 3 coding questions to be done within 70 mins. Different sets of questions were given to different candidates based on joining time. I got the following questions: 

  1. Amstrong Number (3 mks)
  2. Find Difference of max GCD and min GCD of tree cousins (5 mks)
  3. Gold Mine Problem (5 mks)

I had solved all 3 questions and submitted the test in 60 minutes. Many had solved all 3 questions. So, time complexity and time of submission mattered for shortlisting. The platform showed the results on only a few test cases while the main tests were hidden. So make sure to consider all edge cases beforehand. Out of 150 students, 24 students were selected for the next round and due to my early submission, optimal time complexity for all Q’s and overall less number of submissions, I had topped the coding test. STL containers were allowed in C++. I myself used queue of STL. But STL functions were not alllowed as I was not able to use inbuilt __gcd() in Q2 so I had implemented it using Euclidean GCD

Round 2: Technical Interview 1 (30 mins)

This was a virtual interview round on skype. The interviewer was very friendly. The interview started with the interviewer asking me to introduce myself. Then he asked about my favorite projects. I explained my project for around 5-7 mins and then he asked me the difference between ordered and unordered maps, C and C++, what is oops. Then he moved to coding questions. A google doc link was shared where I was asked to explain my approach (no code for me but others were asked to write codes as well).

  1. Majority Element in an array
  2. kth node from end in Linked list

In both the questions i started with the bruteforce approach and moved towards the optimal approach. This round lasted for 30 mins and he asked if I have any questions for him. Out of 24 students, 15 students were shortlisted for round 3.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2 (50-55 mins)

This was a virtual interview round on skype. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me to explain my favorite project in details. The interviewer did too many Cross questioning on projects. So after QnA on project he asked me a oops concept called as Singleton class. I explained him the concept and then he asked me to implement it with an eg in C++. I wasn’t much aware about the implementation and I said the same to the interviewer. But he gave me time asked to try to code it up. I tried a solution using constructor overloading. He asked for some another solutions as well but I was not able to implement it using another approach. So he said it’s fine and moved to a problem statement where i was asked to suggest an optimal data structure which would take less time and space.

The problem statement was – You are given 4 fields say name, phone no, email and city. For each person you will be given this 4 fields. You have to store all this information in your data structure such that memory as well as time is saved. I said Trie but he said any of the 4 fields can be used for searching so Trie approach fails. I tried but I was not able to come up with an approach. At the end he gave a hint as Hashing and the interview ended.  No coding Q’s for me in this round but other students were asked some coding q’s on linked list trie, etc. I thought I would not get selected. It was difficult, and I was not satisfied with my performance. Later that day, I got informed by my college placement cell that I was selected. A total of 9 students were selected at the end.   

TIPS :  

  1. The online test is of medium difficulty. Many would get all the 3 question pass basic test cases. Make sure you try to optimize your code as much as possible. It matters.
  2. Be open to what you know and what you don’t. You would save a lot of time.
  3. Stay calm and yes confidence is the key.
  4. If round 3 like situation arises then try to communicate what you are thinking. I think in last round they were just checking our thinking ability.
  5. Go through all previous interview experiences present on GFG. Trust me it helps a lot.
Last Updated : 15 Apr, 2021
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