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Samsung R&D Noida Interview Experience – Sept 2019

Last Updated : 10 Jul, 2020
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Round 1: 

1st round of Samsung R&D, Noida was an online round. You have to pass all 50 test cases of the given question in 3 hours.

The question was:

  • There is one spaceship. X and Y co-ordinate of the source of spaceship and destination spaceship is given. There is N number of wormholes; each wormhole has 5 values. First 2 values are starting co-ordinate of the wormhole and after that value no. 3 and 4 represent ending co-ordinate of the wormhole and last 5th value is represents a cost to pass through this wormhole. Now, these warmholes are bi-directional. Now the to go from (x1,y1) to (x2,y2) is abs(x1-x2)+abs(y1-y2). The main problem here is to find the minimum distance to reach spaceship from source to destination co-ordinate using any number of warm-hole. It is ok if you won’t uses any warmhole.
    (Can be solved using DFS and Floyd warshall algorithm )


I passed the 50/50 test cases. 40 students cleared this round.


Round 2:

Round 2 was a technical Interview

First of all, they started with CV discussion and tried to ask basically what was written in that CV.

He asked me how did I think about the solution for the coding round and asked to write code.

After that some basic questions related to data structures and c++

For example:

  • virtual pointer,
  • difference between hashmap and map
  • Difference between null and dangling pointer.
  • Binary Tree question like the relation between height and nodes in the worst and average case, traversals in a binary tree,


He asked some questions related to OS such what is a kernel,

to draw a diagram to show the relationship between application, shell, kernel, os, etc., explain the process of booting OS.




Round 3:

3rd round was an HR round.

In HR interview they asked:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Family background.
  • What does the word ‘Motivation’ mean to you?
  • What is ‘Personality’ for you?
  • Why Samsung?
  • My strength and weaknesses?
  • Explain IOT, framework, etc relating to real word in layman words?
  • He discussed  resume also.

At last 27 students were given offers and I was among them.






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