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Samsung R&D Interview Experience | Off-campus 2020

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2020
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Profile: Software Engineer

Location: Samsung Bangalore office

Date: 18th Jan 2020

on 6th Jan 2020, I got a message from Samsung talent Acquisition on Linkedin if I am interested in applying for the role of a software developer in Samsung R&D Delhi. I forwarded my resume to HR.  Two days later, HR  sent me the hiring details over mail.

Interview Preparation: I consider myself good in Data structure and algorithm as I practice on a daily basis. but Samsung coding questions are real-life problem based and require a good grasp on Backtracking and Dynamic Programming. I was aware as I already appeared for Samsung hiring during college placement. I compiled 15 frequently asked questions from Samsung and Prepared. You can easily find out those questions on the internet.

Round 1 (Online Coding Round): 

No. of questions: 1       Duration: 3 hours      Platform: Samsung’s own platform

Question: Monotonic sequence.

10 test cases. All must be passed.

I had prepared 15 questions but I didn’t prepare this question as this question is not frequently asked(1-2 times only). For a few minutes, I blamed my luck, then started to solve the question on Paper. It was a moderate question for me as I knew the applications of Binary Search. The struggle part was to find the upper bound of the function as the question was dealing with long numbers. It was not that tough though but I was confused at that time. I  solved within 45 minutes but submitted it after 1:30 hours.

Candidates appeared: ~80    Candidates solved: ~10

Round 2(Technical Round 1):  He was a nice guy. First, he marked key things on my resume then asked questions.

  1. Tell me about your work in the current company.
  2. Why were you not in the top 3 rankers in your class?
  3. Internship description. I guess he was more interested in the internship projects. He was asking ” what, why and how”
  4. which language do you prefer, as I have mentioned C++ and Python in the resume? I said C++. then he asked me to code the same question(coding round) in python.
  5. Difference between Javascript and Angular. Angular vs React.
  6. what is MongoDB? difference between SQL and NoSQL. CAP Theorem
  7. How to further optimize the binary search? I used BIT manipulation. He again asked to optimize further. I told we can use only one comparison operator.  I coded but some edge cases were failing.
  8. How can we use the Binary search on Linked list? Is it an optimized search technique for linked list?
  9. Remove duplicates from the linked list
  10. Check a graph is cyclic or not. what is a Bipartite graph? check if the graph is bipartite using dfs and bfs?
  11. Traveling salesman problem using Dynamic Programming
  12. Difference between Segment Tree and Fenwick tree. Code for Segment Tree
  13. what happens when you type something on a search engine?
  14. Process synchronization. Deadlock etc.
  15. How did you think about the solution for the coding round?

It lasted around 2 hours. I guess around 7 candidates were selected for 2nd round

Round 3(Technical round 2): It was more of a discussion than a technical round. No coding questions asked.

  1. Current work. Software delivery process. SRCUM
  2. Project details
  3. why machine learning and AI are booming these days?
  4. Tell me about Cloud as I had worked on the AWS cloud in my current company.
  5. He talked about Samsung. How they work and blah, blah…

It lasted around 45 minutes. 5 candidates made through HR round.

Round 4(HR Round):  She was the coolest HR I had in my entire interview experiences.

For every question, she answered herself and said, is this you think? One discussion: Will you be loyal to Samsung? She said, Sorry, no one is loyal these days, even I will switch If I find better opportunities. I added as long as I am enjoying work at any company, I will be loyal.

It was a fun round. Finally, She gave me some form to fill and said the offer letter will be sent within 10 days.

Verdict-  *****SELECTED*****


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