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Samsung R&D Institute Noida(SRIN) Internship interview experience

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  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2021
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Interview duration : August 2018

Online Round:
This was a coding round in which everyone(CSE, ECE, EEE, MNC) with CPI>=7 were eligible to appear. There was only one question was given to be solved in 3 hours. STL was not allowed. The question was simple logic and implementation type. There was limit on number of submissions to 3. So, make sure all of your corner cases be correct. Rather, you can compile and test infinite times. Solving early was not much concern for them. Just make sure you do that correctly.
Students whose all test cases passed and CPI >=7.5 were shorlisted for intervieew. A total of 36 were selected and sorted according to CPI.

Interview Experience:
Interview Duration: 35 Minutes
The interviews process started at 7 p.m. on following day and went till 2 a.m..
This was a technical round. The interviewer went through my resume for 2 minutes. Then she asked me about my favourite data structure. I told her Hashing and Linked list. Then she me two questions on binary tree.
Q.1) Left View of Binary Tree
I first explained her the logic then she asked to write full code for it.
Q.2) Find Lowest Common Ancestor in Binary Tree without using extra space.
Then she asked me if I know about structure padding. I told her I hadn’t heard about it. Then she asked me storage class in C, Virtual Function, Run-time Polymorphism, etc. in OOPs.
She was pretty satisfied with all of my answers and asked me if I had any question for her.

HR Round:
This was a very short round. He just went through my resume and asked me to explain one of my projects. Then he gave me to fill a form of SRIN.

Finally 18 students were selected and I was one of them.

Next day they again shortlisted 15 another students whose all test cases passed. And from them another 10 were selected for internship.

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