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Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021

Students with CGPA>7 were shortlisted for the online assessment.

Round-1(Online Assessment): This round consisted of 3 coding questions. Duration (1.5 hrs)

  1. Top view of a binary tree
  2. right view of a binary tree
  3. Missing Number in Arithmetic Progression 

Around 45 students were shortlisted for interviews

Round-2(Online Interview): Only one interview round was held (Platform-Skype). The interviewer was very friendly and it was more of a discussion on various sorting algorithms

  1. Sort a very large array(Expected answer: – Radix Sort). I started with selection sort technique, then merge sort , the quick sort(discussed why quick sort works better than merge sort in case of arrays), Heap-sort(use of AVL trees and red-black trees) (Be very confident with time complexities)
  2. 5 pirates and 100 coins puzzles : Explanation of intuition was extremely important since my panelist kept adding constraints
  3. How are unordered and ordered maps implemented

This round lasted for around 1 hr.

Verdict: Selected

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