Samsung R&D (Bangalore) On Campus Internship Experience 2019

Round 1: Online coding round was taken on cocubes, consisting of three coding questions, there were different sets, in mine two questions were pretty easy based on trees, one was to find the deepest left node of the tree, don’t remember the second one but it was very basic. I could solve both of them. In the third question, a string representing a number was given. We had to change that number into a palindrome just greater than that number. Those who code in C++, please make sure that you are comfortable in using the string in the form of char*, it creates a hell lot of problem during tests. I couldn’t solve the third question because of lack of time and a lot of edge cases, and of course because of char*. Fortunately, I got shortlisted in the online round.

Round 2: Around 117 people were shortlisted for 2nd round.  It was a kind of group interviews. 4-5 people were called and were given a common question. The question had to be done in a max 20 minutes. In my group, the problem was to find the number of anagrams of target string present in the source string. After writing the complete running code on paper, each one had to explain the code to the interviewee.

Round 3: Round 3 was a normal in-person interview. Interviewee first asked me some questions about projects, then asked to implement unordered map since I’d used them in my code in 2nd round. I explained it very well. At last, he asked me about pointers. I was very sure that I’ll be selected for the internship since both of my interviews went very well. Around 10:40 I got a mail confirming my internship in Samsung R&D.Cheers! All the Best!!

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